Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ladies Night Wrap Up

Lisa and I had the pleasure of attending Ladies Night at Charm City Run in Clarksville on Wednesday night. I always think it's fun to go to the running store, get a few freebies, use the offered discount (15%), and try to win a random drawing (items drawn were a Sweaty Band, Nike compression capris, and a Nike+ GPS watch).  I was especially glad to be there to assist Lisa, because she was getting her first pair of running shoes.  She's a walker, but she really wants to start running a little.

She got a great pair of shoes that give her a lot of support!  Aren't they pretty??

Neither of us won a raffle prize, but we bought a few things.  Lisa also got a Charm City Run shirt, to go with her shoes (or just because she liked it!).  I bought a SweatyBand (you know, I like my headbands), a new Brooks running skirt, pink lemonade Stingers, and lemon flavored powerade chews.

I was able to leave some MRTT information at the store; and I received some great information from CCR about things they can do for our running group!  It was a great night!

Until next time!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Documents, Files, Events; Oh My!!!

I feel a little bit like Dorothy and her friends; "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears; Oh My!" But my mantra tonight was, "Documents, Files, and Events; Oh My!"  I've updated the tabs on our Facebook Page, so group members, please check it out.  

If you're not a member of the Catonsville, MD Moms RUN This Town, and you want to be; please search for us on Facebook, or contact us: 

Additionally, I received 101 4x6 fliers in the mail for MRTT.  Please let me know if you want some to distribute to friends, family members, local businesses, co-workers; thanks!

We have our first Month-A-Versary Event occurring on Friday, April 12th; so, check that out!

Races We Are Running is a working document, please add your races!

Weekly Schedule is posted; please fill in days/times/locations you would like to meet with a partner/group to get out there and move!

Thanks for all of your support!  We'll see you out on the roads.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First "Group" gathering

Lisa, Carolyn, and Deb met for the first group walk on Monday!  We powered it 5k, down and up the Trolley Trail with four children in (and out of) strollers.  It was great fun chatting and getting to know a new local mom.

  Madison, Lisa's little girl, was very helpful in taking our picture!  (We can't reveal our identities; it is the internet, you know, ha!)

Em (the other Chapter Leader) and I (Deb) are meeting tonight to create a calendar and list of ideas for Catonsville, MD Moms RUN This Town!

Also, Moms; check out the Facebook page regarding the Baltimore Running Festival!!!!

If you are a local mom (of kids, pets, or just feel like a mom; if your children are young, or even moms/dads themselves) and want to walk, jog, run, and be active with other local moms; please feel free to join us.  Check us out on Facebook, Moms RUN This Town - Catonsville, MD  We would be so happy for you to join us!!!