Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First "Group" gathering

Lisa, Carolyn, and Deb met for the first group walk on Monday!  We powered it 5k, down and up the Trolley Trail with four children in (and out of) strollers.  It was great fun chatting and getting to know a new local mom.

  Madison, Lisa's little girl, was very helpful in taking our picture!  (We can't reveal our identities; it is the internet, you know, ha!)

Em (the other Chapter Leader) and I (Deb) are meeting tonight to create a calendar and list of ideas for Catonsville, MD Moms RUN This Town!

Also, Moms; check out the Facebook page regarding the Baltimore Running Festival!!!!

If you are a local mom (of kids, pets, or just feel like a mom; if your children are young, or even moms/dads themselves) and want to walk, jog, run, and be active with other local moms; please feel free to join us.  Check us out on Facebook, Moms RUN This Town - Catonsville, MD  We would be so happy for you to join us!!!


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