Thursday, April 4, 2013

Documents, Files, Events; Oh My!!!

I feel a little bit like Dorothy and her friends; "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears; Oh My!" But my mantra tonight was, "Documents, Files, and Events; Oh My!"  I've updated the tabs on our Facebook Page, so group members, please check it out.  

If you're not a member of the Catonsville, MD Moms RUN This Town, and you want to be; please search for us on Facebook, or contact us: 

Additionally, I received 101 4x6 fliers in the mail for MRTT.  Please let me know if you want some to distribute to friends, family members, local businesses, co-workers; thanks!

We have our first Month-A-Versary Event occurring on Friday, April 12th; so, check that out!

Races We Are Running is a working document, please add your races!

Weekly Schedule is posted; please fill in days/times/locations you would like to meet with a partner/group to get out there and move!

Thanks for all of your support!  We'll see you out on the roads.

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