Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ladies Night Wrap Up

Lisa and I had the pleasure of attending Ladies Night at Charm City Run in Clarksville on Wednesday night. I always think it's fun to go to the running store, get a few freebies, use the offered discount (15%), and try to win a random drawing (items drawn were a Sweaty Band, Nike compression capris, and a Nike+ GPS watch).  I was especially glad to be there to assist Lisa, because she was getting her first pair of running shoes.  She's a walker, but she really wants to start running a little.

She got a great pair of shoes that give her a lot of support!  Aren't they pretty??

Neither of us won a raffle prize, but we bought a few things.  Lisa also got a Charm City Run shirt, to go with her shoes (or just because she liked it!).  I bought a SweatyBand (you know, I like my headbands), a new Brooks running skirt, pink lemonade Stingers, and lemon flavored powerade chews.

I was able to leave some MRTT information at the store; and I received some great information from CCR about things they can do for our running group!  It was a great night!

Until next time!


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